Interview with Trey Grayson

Greetings from Trey Grayson, new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce — “I am most pleased to hear about the Tri-State German American School.  With so much support and interest, this school will continue to be a vibrant part of our future here in Northern Kentucky.  It is good that many people have this opportunity to maintain a connection to their German heritage.”

Mr. Grayson made a trip to Berlin and enjoyed the Pergamon and Stasi Museums as well as walking tours.  He hopes to return to Berlin and also travel to other places in Germany. With so much area business being conducted between American and German companies, it is important to have this interest in Germany, commented Mr. Grayson.

By Claire Outten, who interviewed Trey Grayson.

Join us for Kaffee und Kuchen every Saturday from 11:00-11:30

Want to learn more about the school?  Or just interested in having a cup of coffee and a delicious German pastry with like-minded individuals?  Join us for Kaffee und Kuchen!

Our school year is underway, yet anyone can join at any time.  We are always happy to have new people join us at the Tri-State German-American School!  You can find us every Saturday at the Notre Dame Academy in Park Hills.  Classes begin at 10:00 am with a convenient Pause from 11:00 to 11:30.  We welcome you to join to us.  Bis bald!

Still accepting students for 2014/2015!

We are pleased to say we had a very successful first day of classes on September 20!

If you missed the first day, kein Problem!  You can still register for classes simply by joining us on Saturday at 10:00am at the Notre Dame Academy at 1699 Hilton Drive, Covingon, KY 41011.

Classes extend through mid-April 2015.  Please view our “Classes” section to find the one that is right for you, and then visit our “Registration Form” link for a downloadable form.  Rates for 2014/2015 are once again very affordable.  We hope to see you soon!

Adults: $150

First Child: $85

Second Child: $65

Annual Family Membership: $20

Classes starting Saturday, September 20!

Intersted in learning to speak German?

The Tri-State German-American School is a genuine Cincinnati tradition, one of its best-kept secrets, a school offering a casual atmosphere for German-language learning.

We have been here since 1968 and draw students from a wide geographic area.

Our school welcomes:

  • the prospective student with no background in the language
  • one with substantial experience in German
  • the pre-school child
  • the learner of somewhat more senior age
  • native speakers for Deutsch Heute, and
  • those with any possible reason for learning the German language.

We extend ein herzliches Willkommen (a hearty welcome) each Saturday (10:00 – 12:30), with a Pause from 11:00 to 11:30 for Kaffee und Kuchen.

Classes began Saturday, September 20, 2014 and extend to mid April 2015 and prices are very affordable:

Adults:                                           $150

First Child:                                      $85

Second Child:                                 $65

Annual Family Membership:       $20

We rent classroom space at Notre Dame Academy, 1699 Hilton Dr, Park Hills, KY 41011 – just 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati; however, we are not affiliated with the school. Registration is available on the first day of school.

For more information, please contact Helga Bucher at 513.961.7976 or Bonnie Van Ee at 513.271.6997.

We are a non-profit, non-discriminatory tax-exempt institution.

Achievement for Melanie Sari

Congratulations to Melanie Sari, Tri-State teacher of German III, who has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in German from Northern Kentucky University in May 2014.

Ms. Sari has studied modern and postmodern German literature, including Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Bertold Brecht, Bernhard Schlink, Thomas Mann, Wolfgang Hildesheimer and Heinrich Böll.  In addition to these authors, Ms. Sari’s subjects included German film history and the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales, as well as classes on Germany during the Nazi era and post World War II.

This fall Ms. Sari will begin the Master of Arts in Teaching at NKU, which will certify her for German Education Primary through Grade 12.

by Claire Outten