Basic Intermediate German – Rick Manoff, Room 311

This class continues to hone the grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills learned in the beginners’ level and presents the remaining grammar points from Wie geht’s? (9th edition).  The class also provides more in-depth cultural information.  Because the approach used in this class is communicative in nature, class participation and speaking in German are strongly encouraged, especially in the second hour.  A modest amount of homework is assigned and in-class activities feature a mix of partner and individual-oriented exercises.  Emphasis is placed on conversation, vocabulary, and the correct use of the language and the primary goals of the class are correct pronunciation and oral proficiency.  The instructor uses many verbal cues to stimulate conversation and communicates with the students weekly through email.

Advanced Intermediate German –  Allan Shropshire, Room 305

The goal of this intermediate-level German class is to increase student fluency through the use of course materials that consist primarily of humorous, short-story German readers. Students will participate in classroom discussions in German that are centered around the textual and audio course materials. In addition, homework exercises will be assigned to help students review and deepen their understanding of essential, foundational grammar topics that are necessary to communicate confidently in the German language.