Advanced German Conversation – Current Events, Ingrid Thomas Room 306

The class offers an opportunity to increase your knowledge of the German language and culture, by improving your ability to understand spoken and written German and learning to speak in German. We use current articles, short stories, student reports, and some grammar review to practice reading and listening skills and as a source of subjects for conversation and for learning about various aspects of German culture and everyday life. As an advanced class, sessions are conducted mostly in German and taught by a native German speaker.

Deutsch Heute for Native Germans/Advanced Speakers – Room 208

Moderator: Christa Bauke

This is a current events oriented conversation class for native German-speakers and Advanced Students with near fluency in German. All conversation is conducted in German. As stimulus for our conversations we select subjects from German publications, discuss current events as seen on Deutsche Welle TV, and view short documentaries from the leading German television networks.

Since our classroom is equipped with Wi-Fi and an electronic white board, we are able to download and discuss selected video and audio podcasts via iPad. Class participants receive a weekly e-mail message with a reading selection to be discussed in class. Active student participation is what makes the class interesting and lively.

Student suggestions and contributions are encouraged and always welcome.