Klasse I, Christel Leuker Room 202

This class is for pre-school children, aged between 4 and 6 years.  Using pictures and picture books, the children learn to speak words and sentences in German.  Likewise, the language study is supported with the singing of numerous children’s songs, movement games and party games.

Beginning Reading and Writing (First Grade +), Anke Lessing Room 203

Children must have completed Kindergarten, so that they are able to follow the writing and reading tasks. I pull my materials from a variety of online sources, starting with the correct pronunciation of the German alphabet as well as with Umlauts. We also work on different parts of speech (nouns, verbs etc.) and how to identify them. This is done on a basic level. We do a lot of interactive games to learn other things, such as how to address different types of people when meeting them. We also integrate German celebrations throughout the year into our weekly activities. Many times this is done by doing specific German crafts, songs, games etc.

Children 7-9 (Basic), Daniela Henderson Room 204

This  course is for children from 7 to 9 years old who are interested in learning German.  The course is intended as an introduction to the language, focusing on the alphabet, numbers and common vocabulary using a variety of teaching tools. Parents are highly encouraged to reinforce language and concepts outside of the classroom.

Pre-Teens (Advanced), Wilhelm Kossenjans Room 205

This course is for children from grades 5 on who are interested in learning German. The course focuses on formation of complete and grammatically correct sentences in spoken and written German. It is, therefore, essential that the children have good knowledge of basic English grammar. Children will learn basic sentence structure, sentence components, tenses, conjugation, declination. etc. Correct pronunciation and vocabulary are also emphasized. Some instruction is given in German to facilitate understanding and comprehension of the spoken German.

Teens (Intermediate/Advanced), Michael Bardetti 206

This course is intended for teens who are familiar with the basics of German or more and are intersted in advancing their ability to read, write and speak.  The class includes both students who have progressed through the prior classes and teens who are new to the school.